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AgeOptions staff at Celebrating Connections, October 3, 2019


Diane Slezak
President and Chief Executive Officer

Vera Lewis
Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships

Karen Simon
Business Development Coordinator (part-time)

Carina Smith
Marketing Assistant (part-time)

Carol Mattar
Communications Specialist (part-time)

Planning, Grants & Program Development

Kim McCahill
Director of Planning, Grants & Program Development

Paul Bennett
Manager of Community Initiatives

Emma Kidder
Program Coordinator

Sarah Barney
Advocacy & Planning Specialist

Eileen Flores
Engagement Specialist

Heather Scalia
Director, Colbert-Williams, H.O.P.E. by AgeOptions

Cynthia Arroyo
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Gwendolyn Fulgern
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Samantha Bavaro
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Darryl Burns
Care Specialist - Post Move

Rosalia Diaz
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Martina Lowery
Integrated Healthcare Partner

Clare Egyhazi
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Ericka Exton
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Briana Certa
Integrated HealthCare Partner

Victoria Gruber
Care Coordination Partner

Brooke Nanni
Care Coordination Partner

Donia Tarawneh
Care Coordination Partner

Erica Guzman
Care Coordination Partner

Raychelle Kroma
Care Coordination Aide

John Brejc
Business Analyst - Operations

Janet Scanlon
Client Services Manager - H.O.P.E. by AgeOptions

Rachel Kirsch
Third Party Nurse (H.O.P.E.)

Breda Moran
Integrated Healthcare Partner

Kristina Ciangola
Data Systems Management - Business Analyst

Katie Foran, DPT
Colbert-Williams Project Specialist (temporary)

Michael Meyers
Care Specialist - Post Move

Renee Facchini
Outreach Transition Partner

Matthew Palumbo
Outreach Transition Partner

Althea Dumas
Clinical Services Manager - H.O.P.E. by AgeOptions

Ericka Exton
Integrated Health Care Partner (H.O.P.E.)

Saloni Sahani
QA - Data Analytics and Compliance

Kathy Alabadi
Third Party Nurse (H.O.P.E.)

Olga Thurow
Contract RN

Mary Movic
Program Administration, Reporting & Technology

Paula Bartolozzi
Grants Administrator

Irma Lopez-Heredia
Grantee Support Specialist

Valencia Myles
Grantee Support Specialist

Erika Ball
Grants Data Coordinator

Kristin Leicht
Registered Dietitian (part-time)

Phillip Lanier
Nutrition Specialist (part-time)

Finance & Administration

Mike Giuntoli
Director of Finance and Administration

Kushal Paudel
Accounting Manager

David Adamczyk-D'Andrea

Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Staff Accountant

Dominque Lott
Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Carole Murphy
Director of Human Resources

Sheeba Raj
Human Resources Assistant

Roberta Stroup
Office Coordinator

Dominque Lott
Administrative Assistant

Kelly Cushing

Program & Community Support

Robert Mapes
Director of Programs and Community Support

Jennifer Di Nicola
Manager of Benefits, Information and Education

Elizabeth Lough

Benefits Access Specialist

Desiree Sheppard
Information & Assistance Specialist

Itzayana Juarez
Information & Assistance Specialist (part-time)

Joy Aaronson

Benefits Access and Information Specialist

Ifrah Chaudhri
Community Engagement & Benefits Access Specialist

Kathryn Zahm
Manager of Community Programs

Joan Fox
Health Education Program Specialist

Peggy Tully
Health Education Implementation Coordinator

Danielle Riley

Community Health Worker


Jaime Pena

Community Health Worker

Jamie Farrell
Aging & Disability Rights Coordinator

Amanda Wojan
Caregiver Programs Coordinator

Wendy De Leon
Caregiver & Dementia Programs Specialist

Bethany Kozak
AmeriCorps Dementia Care Specialist

Jason Echols
Manager of Special Initiatives & Fraud Prevention

Travis Trumitch
Senior Medicare Patrol Coordinator

Miranda Davis
Senior Medicare Patrol Outreach Specialist

Marina Silva
Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer Specialist (part-time)

Jesus Armando Enriquez
Outreach and Information Specialist

Kate Spelman
Aging with Pride Program Specialist

Lucia Shah
CARES Program Specialist

Cristina Diaz
CARES Program Specialist

Kaitlyn Coleman
IPHA Americorps Member

Health Care Education & Counseling

Elizabeth Durkin
Manager of Healthcare Education & Counseling

Stella Van Den Eeden
Avisery Training & SHIP Specialist

Georgia Gerdes
Avisery Training Specialist (part-time)

Gabriela Montoya
Avisery Training Specialist

Marina Silva
Program Assistant - Avisery & Illinois Pathways to Health (part-time)